Why Was I Charged By Corp Filings LLC?

If you recently discovered a charge on your credit or debit card statement for Corporate Filings LLC, you may be wondering why you were charged and who charged you.

Have You Recently Ordered:

  • Registered Agent Service
  • A New Company Formation: LLC or Corporation
  • State or Federal Corporate Filing (EIN, Business Amendment, Foreign Registration, etc.)
  • Corporate Supplies (Corporate Book, Corporate Seal)
  • Other Business Related Filing

If you have ordered any of the services or products above, you will have been charged appropriately by Corporate Filings LLC.

Notice May, 26 2020: We’ve noticed an uptick in phone calls recently with callers asking for information about charges on their card for a “WMD LLC.” That has nothing to do with us. The company acronym sounds scary, but after doing some research, this company appears to be Warner Media Direct LLC and the¬†WMD LLC charges¬†seems to correspond to HBO subscriptions. The only charges we make as a company relate to registered agent services and LLC formations.

Why is This Charge From a Wyoming Company?

Our company is actually two businesses: a customer-facing company from which you ordered a business filing service or product, and a second holding company (Corporate Filings LLC) which owns our intellectual property rights and manages our accounting.

Corporate Filings LLC is housed in Wyoming. While this can be confusing to our customers when they see an unfamiliar charge on their credit/debit statements, it is simply a normal aspect of our business. The big big companies use IP holding companies to minimize their taxes and we use some of the same principles. We do corporate filings for a living and could help you utilize this strategy as well.

Please Call Us Before Disputing a Charge

Fraud is a reality of our world, and disputing charges you are unfamiliar with is a common and understandable reaction. But a disputed charge can have unintended consequences. For example, if you recently ordered a business formation, a disputed charge can lead to your business status becoming inactive. If this happens, we can work with you to change your status back to active, but that is more paperwork (and state fees) for everybody.

Why getting a provisional credit from your bank will cost you more

If you dispute our charge, you create a holding period of at least 3-6 months on that money. Basically this problem will not be fully resolved then for 6 months! Your bank will provide you a provisional credit. Your bank will notify Visa or MasterCard, they will notify our merchant account processor, they will take the money out of our bank account, charge us an absurd fee, then ask for documentation. We will provide documentation (which is usually pretty good because we try to care and usually have state paperwork to show what we did for you). Then Visa or MasterCard 99+% of the time will say, that the charge is valid, and then your bank will take the money back out of your account and charge you a fee. If you maintain a low balance you risk going negative on your bank account and getting more fees from your bank. Then our merchant processor will charge us a fee and return the money to us. It’s a real mess and a massive waste of both our time.

What if your credit card number actually got stolen and someone used it?

That really sucks. We’re sorry that happened. We try to reconcile our orders every day. So odds are, we will know it was stolen and void out the charge. Sometimes your bank doesn’t show this right away and if you dispute it after the fact it makes a mess because then your initial charge shows up a few days later because we voided it, then you have twice the money in your account that you should have and half of it is provisional and once we show we already refunded you, your bank will charge you fees. It’s such a ridiculous process isn’t it? We do not make our living by accepting stolen credit cards. It looks really bad for us to do so. We do a lot of work to try to figure out if someone is placing an order with a stolen card and we try very hard to get that charge voided as fast as possible. If your card was actually stolen and used with us. Please call us and if you some how beat us to it, we’ll get it voided same day and email a receipt showing so.

Please call us first!

Our business filing experts are always available to take your call, and they can immediately access the account that was created when you made your order. A short, simple call can clear up any questions you may have about the charges on your account.

We will work with you to address any concerns you have about your order. And if the charge truly is in error, we want to know about it.

Thank You for doing business with us! We strive to meet all of our clients’ needs and answer all of their questions. Please call if you have any questions or additional concerns or fill out the form below.

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